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Personalized cinerary urns for the remains of the dear animal

Angel Service of Giugliano in Campania, in the province of Naples, in addition to the cremation of pets, offers services that include the collection of the animal, its transport to the crematorium and the delivery of the urn, made available by the company for its customers.

Exclusive and elegant funeral articles for your pets

Angel Service is the only company in the Giugliano area in Campania to make special urns available to customers to honor dogs, cats and other small animal friends that are no longer there.
This innovative service, reserved for those who choose the Basic and Royal cremations, was designed precisely to meet those who want to keep the ashes of their four-legged friend in an elegant cinerary urn, and personalized, to bring out the memory.
In addition to the offer of standard wooden urns, Angel Service Russo also offers inzein products, a company producing funeral articles of all types, of which it is an official partner.

Personalized Urns

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