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Funeral services for animals and assistance services in Campania

Angel Service is a company that was born with the aim of promoting the culture of memory but above all of respect for pets.In addition to cremation and the handling of funeral practices for animals, it offers the community of giugliano in Campania and surroundings a whole range of assistance services, to help and support the owners of dogs, cats, rabbits and any other kind of pet.
Angel Service Russo has become an important point of reference in Campania for the continuous attention that it turns to the welfare and the health of the animals all along their existence.
With this in mind, the company has concluded agreements with various establishments, including specialist and professional clinics with 24-hour open veterinary first aid.
Call the number 3388159240 in case of veterinary emergency and we will know how to help you for the health of your animals.

Treatment of grief pain

The mourning for the loss of your pet, like that of a loved one, is deep and painful and it takes a long time before it becomes a sweet, tolerable nostalgia.


The loss of a companion who with his presence gladdened the family, and especially the lonely people, is very hard to face.
After his disappearance, after the processing of funeral practices and obtained the certificate of cremation, comes the discomfort, which can be reacted with feelings of denial, refusal, anger or depression.
Even children can suffer major repercussions when their beloved pet dies.
To help you get through this painful time, Angel Service Russo can tell you doctors specialized in grief therapy, which will provide you and the whole family with valuable psychological support.

Qualified dog training centres

Angel Service Russo, always attentive to the needs of dogs and owners, has also thought about the discipline and for this reason has made agreements of collaboration with the best schools of training for dogs present in the territory of Giugliano in Campania.


The schools selected by Angel Service offer personalized lessons, designed to solve the problems of behavior of dogs of any size and age.
The correction of the dog’s behavioural problems will make it easier and pleasant to live together both in the family and outside.

Reliable and safe dog boarding

Angel Service Russo, once again, meets the needs of animal owners, suggesting the best dog pensions in the area of Giugliano in Campania.

The close collaboration with the various dog hospitality centers offers the owners the certainty of being able to leave, with serenity, their four-legged friend in a reliable structure, which also offers space and large meadows.
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